Unlock the secret to radiant skin with Derm Med Aesthetics. Explore our cutting-edge dermatological treatments and personalized skincare regimens tailored to rejuvenate your complexion. Discover the transformative power of our expert-led aesthetic solutions for a radiant, youthful glow. Book your consultation today!


Why Choose Us?

At Dr Maria’s DermMED aesthetics we offer a range of treatments such as dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections, polynucleotide injections, Skinpen microneedling, hydra facial, chemical skin peel and Obagi skin care.
We work in collaboration with our clients, address and manage their concerns.
All procedures are carried out by experienced doctors with over 15 years experience in medicine including experience in dermatology department.
Our doctors have obtained aesthetic training from renowned training providers like dermafocus and derma medical.

Our Team

Our Team

  • Dr. Maria Shakoor

    Dr. Maria Shakoor

  • Dr. Ali Naeem

    Dr. Ali Naeem

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